Dlk Single Girder Truss Type Gantry Crane From China Crane Factory

Dlk Single Girder Truss Type Gantry Crane From China Crane Factory

Overview Product Description Brief Introduction: Truss type gantry cranes are featured by its truss girders and legs str
Basic Info.
Model NO. gantry crane
Operation Form Remote Control
Type Common Gantry Crane
Main Girder Form Single Girder
Item Overhead Bridge Crane
Lifting Mechanism Electric Wire Rope Hoist
After Warranty Service Online Support
Material Steel Structure
Transport Package Steel Pallet
Specification gantry crane
Trademark DLK or OEM
Origin China
Production Capacity 5000 PCS/Year
Product Description
Product Description


single girder double girder gantry crane


1T | 2T | 3T | 5T | 10T | 12.5T | 16T | 20T | 25T | 30T | 40T | 50T | 75T | 100T | 200T | 300T | Customized

Span(main beam length)

5 meters to 40 meters

Lifting Height

3 meters to 40 meters

Working Level

A3 | A4 | A5 | A6 | A7

Lifting Speed

5/0.8 m/min double speed OR Customized

Trolley running speed

0-20 m/min frequency conversion OR Customized

Cart running speed

0-32 m/min frequency conversion OR Customized

Warranty time


Lifting Motor

Squirrel cage 2-speed motor with Disc electromagnetic brake inside

Gear Motor

Hardened tooth gear for C.T.& L.T.

Surface preparation type

Shot Blasting Sa2.5

Painting Type/Depth


Electric Panel

Schneeider brand

Max./Min. Static Wheel Load

62.9/11.8 kN

Control Method

Remote control

Industrial Voltage

380V 50HZ 3P AC OR Customized

Working temperature

-20~45ºC OR Customized

Application area

Factory,workshop,warehouse,power station,logstic,etc.

Brief Introduction:

Truss type gantry cranes are featured by its truss girders and legs structure, load capacity is lower compared with box type gantry cranes, but windproof, less cost and easier to disassemble and transport for another work site, optimum choice for outdoor work shop, warehouse, construction sites for lifting concrete plate, concrete block, long pipes, heavy scrap blocks, raw material stock yard etc.

Advantage:Gantry Crane Truss Type Beam and Legs: Truss type structure could make the crane more light weight, low cost. Flexible Design with good welding work could make truss type gantry crane lower cost with good performance. Due to gantry crane truss type beam, it is more wind resistance, no stock for rail and dusty. Also it could be designed by large span by low dead weight.Gantry Crane Winch Hoist Mechanism: Normally Truss type Structure should be equipped more compact type hoisting mechanism. A most popular design is light duty winch type hoisting mechanism. This type hoisting mechanism could make heavy loading capacity such as 80t,100t, 150t,200t by very small size hoisting mechanism. Totally reduce the cost for the gantry crane projects. Truss type gantry crane is so popular now for bridge construction, road construction etc.

  • Compact design, optimal use of the size of work areas
  • Control the load easily and position the load exactly
  • Smooth starts and stops reduce wear and mechanical stressed on structures and minimize the load sway
  • Users can position the load very fast and accurately, and the horizontal travel of the hook during lowering is minimal
  • Superior safety and reliability with outdoor protections for electric and mechanical system, alarm device for safe operation, rail clips against storm weather
  • Minimum and easy maintenance
  • Components are designed with the idea of adjustment free and according to the lifespan of the crane (FEM), so you can always rely on the functioning of the cranes
  • Wind proof with rail clips, rain cover for outdoor use
  • Advanced welding and complete test ensure high and stable quality
  • Customized requirements are welcome

Working condition:1. Working temperature: -25-40ºC2. Working duty: A5- A6. A) A5: Used in places of medium service, such as machine and assembly shops. B) A6: Used in places of frequent working such as metallurgy and casting shops.3. Power source: 380V 50Hz 3Phase. And we can design as your demands.4. The altitude height of site is ought to be less than 2000m.5. Flammable, explosive and corrosive gas is forbidden in the work environment.6. The crane is forbidden to lift fuse and blend deleterious article and flammable explosive article.

other products

Yes,every customer's working condition is different, all of our products can be customized depend on customers' requirements.Please give us the information as clear as you can, so we can give our best design to suit for your demands.

We provide pendent controller with push button control type, remote control type or cabin control type.Please tell us what kind of operation way you need.

We have special products for low headroom workshop, our engineer can give the best design according to your dimensions.

Yes, we can provide any kind of lifting tools such as hook, electromagnetic, grab bucket etc...

Q5:In order to offer the most suitable design solution for you, It will be great helpful if you can offer us the following information to us:

1.Lifting capacity.

2.Span length.(rail center to rail center)

3.Lifting height.(hook center to ground)

4.Have you installed the rails?Do you need us to supply the rails?How long is it?5.Power supply:Voltage.

6.Working condition:What kind of material to lift?Temperature?

7.It would be much better if it is possible for you to offer the drawing photo of your workshop.