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KTR adds thruster brakes to industrial product range

Jun 07, 2023Jun 07, 2023

KTR has extended its range of industrial brakes products by adding a new line of electro-hydraulic thruster brake systems.

The KTR-STOP® TB line is available as disk or drum brakes, the spring-actuated thruster brakes are designed for use with lifting devices of Ed 230/50 to Ed 3000/120 and can be used both as an operating and as a safety brake.

The KTR-STOP® TB S disk brake is available in right- and left-hand versions, in three sizes and with a disk diameter of 900mm, it generates braking torques of up to 15,200 Nm.

The KTR-STOP® TB T drum brake is available in seven sizes and with a thruster diameter of 710mm, it can generate brake torques of up to 10,000 Nm.

For both designs, the braking torque can be adjusted once the brakes are installed on-site. Both organic and sinter metal brake pads are available. A completely encapsulated cylinder increases the protection level against damages and dirt.

On request, the electro-hydraulic brake systems can be designed with further technical options such as automatic wear adjustment, a manual release facility, a limit switch for brake condition and wear of pad, or inclination damping.

Main application fields for both systems are crane systems, winches and conveyor belts, steel plants and material handling.

Both products are selected and adjusted at KTR’s Competence Centre for Brake Systems, in Germany.

KTR U.K.’s Marketing Manager, Rod Sarich, said: “KTR‘s product portfolio has expanded further with the launch of this new range of thruster brakes. As with all KTR products, the KTR-STOP® TB line can be tailored to the requirements of our customers. “

“The brake torque can be adjusted once on-site and the range offers another benefit in guaranteed compatibility since the drum brake complies with all DIN 15435 requirements and the disc brake meets industry standards, so they can be easily integrated into existing machinery.”