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Euphoria 5: a motor catamaran with every comfort

Jun 01, 2023Jun 01, 2023

The silhouette of Euphoria 5 imposes it. It must be acknowledged that the architect Marc Lombard did a good job in terms of aesthetics. The whistle deckhouse gives a zest of aggressiveness that goes perfectly with the low fly bridge and its aerial T-top.

The vertical and slightly truncated bows at deck height appear more aggressive than those of the 5 Series - yet they are the same. Construction of any identical PVC/glass sandwich, including for structural partitions. And of course crash-boxes on the bows and sterns. The two 320-horsepower Yanmar engines are 4.4-litre common ride V8 blocks. The basic engine is 2 x 220 hp.

A very soft bar, like the steering wheel of a modern car

The spacing of the hulls makes it very easy to manoeuvre when reversing the gases; the bow thruster is not essential. At the controls, perched on the fly bridge, the view is excellent on the water. However, the platform hides the stern - simply take control at a second cockpit located aft on the port side. We are surprised by the low noise of the engines and the absence of vibrations.

The bar offers a new sensation: it is very soft and above all comes back in a straight line when you let go, like a car power steering system. With its electro-hydraulic control, the rudder independently manages the two rudders - no connection between the two. The adjustments of this steering system can be adjusted, which starts as soon as the engines are started. It is also possible to synchronize the two motors - the left controller can control everything.

Speed under the joysticks

The acceleration is clear since the maximum speed, 20 knots, is reached in less than 11 seconds. A full turn results in a curve of 70 to 80 m radius; Euphoria 5 remains strictly flat. A strange feeling for a regular Sport Cruiser rider who is bowing inside the bend. It is in front of the chop that the behaviour is most convincing: no pitching, smooth movements and no spray. Marc Lombard has particularly worked on the aft third of the hulls in order to have more volume and an inverted curve that acts as a flap. The aim is to optimize the work of the propellers and limit the rotation to 2°.

Euphoria was designed for speeds of 10 to 15 knots but its behaviour remains excellent at smaller and higher speeds. On the other hand, the fuel tanks are currently too tight. With 2 x 545 litres, we have 345 miles of range at 10 knots. The site is working on this optimization - engine power and fuel capacity.

Lazy objective on the bridge

The deck layout is available in three versions. The first one more or less retains the silhouette of the 5 Series, the second one includes a fly bridge and finally the one we have for this test of a fly bridge protected by a T-top. The cockpit is well sheltered under the bimini, with a large table measuring 120 by 93 cm, numerous seats, two meridians, a large rear bench seat and a clear passage against the davits. A few flights of steps lead to large swimming platforms.

The gangways are wide (57 cm minimum) and protected by a high railing. The handrails are still there. At the front, a large hard surface - the famous rostrum -, two small trampolines and three balcony benches. A seven-step spiral staircase leads to the fly. Up there, the cockpit, of course, but also large U-shaped benches in the rear, storage compartments and a refrigerator.

On the front side, a removable passage is provided for access to sunbathing areas. Staggered steps - too small - are moulded for direct access to the front deck. The mooring cleats have been reduced from 45 to 50 cm and are higher to accommodate the larger hawsers.

Comfortable and customizable accommodations

Access to the basket is level and without threshold from the cockpit. The opening, thanks to its three glass modules, two of which are sliding, offers a height of 189 cm by 144 cm wide. The layout of the accommodation is almost the same as that of the Series 5. The nacelle offers an impressive volume with a U-shaped galley at the port bow. The saloon is positioned to starboard; it has a table measuring 130 cm by 76 cm. The table is mobile and lowers on demand. The chart table is next to the cockpit, on the port side. We sit across it as we walk, facing a 72 by 65 cm plateau.

This arrangement preserves a large floor area and therefore always easy traffic. The quality of the finish is remarkable, down to the smallest details - assemblies, electrical circuit. The batteries, ideally centred under the floor, are protected by a plate. 5 steps and 130 cm lower, the cabins. Note: the height under the bars is everywhere higher than two metres.

Cabins better than at home

Three versions are available: as standard, three cabins are available, including a huge master, housed in the central rostrum. The second version trims this famous cabin to port a little to create a more modest double. Finally, the third plan offers four double cabins. It is this version that we discover... except that the partition wall of the two forward cabins has been moved to port in order to favour... an already spectacular owner's suite to starboard. This is where the site shows that the wishes of its customers are taken into account.

As long as the boat's structure is not touched, all customizations - general layout, woodwork, upholstery, lighting - are possible. The Privilege therefore defends a one-off vision of the catamaran, far from the dictum of standardisation imposed for a long time by the major manufacturers - who seem to have come back from it. Each cabin has a double bed of 2 m by 1.55 m (or two singles) and a private bathroom.

A good commercial start

Euphoria 5 seems to be enjoying an excellent commercial reception - it was presented to the public for the first time at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018. A deserved success: in this category of top-of-the-range motor catamarans, this new model is an undeniable success. Marin, comfortable and elegant, it invites you to cruise. And could even take us much further with larger tanks.

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