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BrakebuTT links front and back brakes

Jun 06, 2023Jun 06, 2023

If you are a convert to linked brakes or hand-operated rear brakes, the Aussie-designed BrakeBuTT invention could be what you are looking for.

Inventor Jay Thompson, 54, of Perth, says he came up with the idea of an affordable retrofit linked-brake system after an embarrassing crash.

“Showing off while riding with the young boys about 4-5 years ago, wheel standing of course in Lancelin my KTM 530EXC bit in and not covering the rear foot brake I embarrassingly flipped it, dislocating my shoulder and then spent three months off the bike,” he says.

More than a quarter of a century ago, five-time GP champ Mick Doohan used a thumb-operated rear brake after shattering his right leg in a crash.

Today many racers use the device so they can dangle their right leg coming into corners.

However, Jay’s invention isn’t an extra hand-operated rear brake, but a linked system that works off the existing front brake lever.

Jay says it is the world’s first dual brake assist accessory for motorcycles and costs less than $A600.

His Electronic Braking Intelligence software applies the rear brake bias at a rate controlled by a dial on the unit on the handlebar.

He says the brake is progressive and proportionate to the pressure applied to the front brake lever.

The pad on the lever is a force sensitive resistor and can be in varying sizes depending on whether you use one, two or all four fingers for braking. You can also choose to avoid the pad and brake with only the front.

Jay says it suits all road, off-road and track riding conditions.

“This System is cutting-edge new tech innovation,” he says.

“Zero to full rear brake in less than half a second — faster than the average foot response time, even without muddy wet soggy boots.

“Without this system is probably why most riders fall off.

“Coordinating both front and rear automatically prevents rider error and miscalculation.”

Jay’s BrakeBuTT is being tested on 10 different bikes including four-time Australian champions in three different disciplines.

BrakeBuTT will be available to the public in February/March 2020.

Jay provided a home video for our viewing only and not for the public.

It shows a sport bike stopping using the BrakeBuTT only in just 10m from 64km/h with the bike level and not diving in the front.

Brake pressure is controlled by a unit smaller than a cigarette packet and weighing less than 150g.

It provides more than 1000psi of hydraulic pressure and can be mounted anywhere on the bike.

So it appears that one has both brakes applied at once with no possibility to modulate more the front or the rear? how does that translate to using the rear brake more to skid and steer the bike (in the dirt), if wanted/needed?

Just use the rear pedal as per normal I guess. And if you want zero linking off road, turn the bias knob to the zero position.

Thanks gnarlydog the electronic bias control adjusts front/back bias not on on/off. Dial in what you need to slid your back wheel and your away, all the while being fully adjustable while you are riding. Built and thoroughly tested both on road and offroad by experienced riders. Benefits are referred to in this following link

No dive? In the photo above it looks like the forks are almost completely compressed. Hard to tell without seeing the video but that’s what it looks like.

Hi Garry,In relation to the rear, there is no dive. Of course the forks are compressed, but so is the rear. That’s a squat, not a dive.Cheers,Mark

Would this system work on my trike if so where can it be purchased

I have the Brake BuTT system on my rocket 3the system has a potentiometer you can dial more back brake and or less to suit either off-road application road trail/ and or as myself the on-road applicationI have already had to use the system in an emergencyThe traffic lights had turned green and I had moved off from a set of traffic lights on a dual carriageway corner Mandurah Rd Kargotich and I noticed a vehicle towing a trailer coming to the lights from the left who had either two choices stop at the red light and or turn left and give way at the give way sign.My experience riding and driving heavy Vehicles full-time road trains etc, I judged that the car wasn’t going to stop I backed off the throttle and as judged the car towing the trailer just come straight out through the give way sign only for the old bastard to go slow up the hill so I gave them some distance and waited for the traffic pull away so I could overtake.The way path to overtake was clear I indicated and accelerated to overtake as the last car was approaching the right-hand side of my Bike there was a Holden Club sport about 5 car lengths back behind the car that was passing in an 80 km zone, I was already sitting on exactly 80 KMH and had about closed the gap between myself and the trailer by about 3 car lengths leftI then looked into my mirror to ensure I was clear and proceeded to change lanes Due to riding rocket 3 and driving casually there was no need to change down to overtake the car towing the trailer just twist the throttle was all that was required to overtake to go from 60 – 80 KMH and do it with easeAs I got into the right-hand lane the club sport accelerated and closed the gap and overtook me leaving myself right next to the White line the Club sport Didn’t accelerate away then only then did I realize the muppet wanted to drag the old Fella towing the trailer must have seen what was going on and panicked. he crossed the white line into the right lane and I was looking directly at the mudguardso I made the decision to brake quicklyNow I just grabbed the front brake and braked no time for guessing how much front brake and or rear brake application percentage. I just braked pulled up in a record distance saved My But big-time having the ability and confidence when I need to pull up in a hurry, knowing I can pull up 480 kilos very quickly. saved me some skin, and costly repairs to the bikeNow you brake down 480 Kilo 360 kilo for the bike and 120 Kilo for a fat bastard Me nearly half a ton all up

Needless to say, I caught up with the young hoons at the local shopping center. the other road users who witnessed the incident quickly directed Me to where they were parked,they had been blocked in By someone who also rides BikesOn speaking to themThey thought they would try and see if they could beat the rocket! well all I can say I have survived cancer don’t need to drag anyone to get a buzz. staying upright and alive has been my achievement.I don’t know who was more pissed off Me or the other guy who blocked them inMy words to them. help’s to know if you’re dragging someone! you could have killed me the way you forced me over onto the white line and into the path of the trailer

The other bloke said a few nice choice words

I could go on with what happened but I won’t has been too long alreadyBut my reaction before I Bought the system was. I can round up stock as a kid having to use the brakes efficiently and effectively to stop and change direction to round up stock that had decided to make a run for it, forgetting about the fence that was there and braking to avoid it yep I can use both brakes rear and front to avoid locking up. I don’t need that system to ride I already know how to perform an emergency stop have been doing it since I was a kid.I had the choice to try it on the trail bike but had nowhere to ride it but on the road being not licensed and need my driver’s license for my JobI took the second optionWell I trialed the system fitted on a scooter fitted with drum brakes I tried it without the system turned on then with the BrakeButt system turned on sold me I now have it fitted to my bike and thinking back 3 months to that incident best decision I ever made.

By the way, that’s my bike in the demo and the front forks are due for service front fork spring are softlooking at fitting progressive front fork springs next

Where can I Purchase the BrakebuTT. I recently pinched a nerve in my back, partially paralyzing my right hand to where I cannot open it enough to reach the brake lever anymore.

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Aussie-designed BrakeBuTT invention