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Suzuki announces return of KingQuad 400, QuadSport Z90 Youth ATVs

Jun 07, 2023Jun 07, 2023

By: The Staff August 23, 2023

Suzuki Motor USA has announced the return of KingQuad 400 sport utility ATVs and QuadSport Z90 youth ATVs for 2024.

In 1983, Suzuki introduced the world’s first 4-wheel ATV, which brought the ATV category new thinking, new engineering, and more rider enjoyment. In 2024, Suzuki 4-wheel ATVs are everywhere. Today, you’ll find KingQuad ATVs assisting agricultural pros in their jobs and helping outdoor enthusiasts enjoy remote adventures.

Whether working hard or getting away from it all, the 2024 Suzuki KingQuad 400ASi and 400 ASI SE Camo help ATV enthusiasts, ranchers, agricultural professionals, and hunters with a fully automatic QuadmaticTM transmission that has 2WD and 4WD modes to handle rough trail conditions while completing demanding chores.

Along with engine performance across the powerband, KingQuad 400 ASi sport utility ATVs’ high-performance iridium spark plug and Pulsed-secondary AIR-injection (PAIR) system help provide fuel efficiency and clean emissions.

• A fuel-injected, 376-cc 4-stroke 4-valve engine is easy on fuel consumption and produces efficient power and drivability.• Suzuki’s fuel injection smooths power output, especially in the mid-to high-range, and provides excellent cold starting. The system uses 3-D maps for optimum ignition, creating responsive yet environmentally compliant performance.• Suzuki Advanced Cooling System (SACS) uses an oil cooler and thermostat-controlled cooling fan to shed engine heat during hard work or cargo hauling.• Push-button electric starting with a start-in-gear function allowing starting without shifting to neutral (as conditions permit).• The Engine Control Unit (ECU) has slip control logic, which adjusts fuel injector duration and timing to improve drivability and grip in loose/slippery trail surface conditions.• Highly efficient iridium spark plug contributes to better combustion, cleaner emissions, and longer plug life. Engine starting under low temperature is also improved.• Pulsed-secondary AIR-injection (PAIR) system and catalyst-equipped exhaust system help the ATV comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission standards while maintaining a high level of performance.• Large fuel capacity and a plush seat deliver an extended, comfortable riding range.• Fender-mounted shifter controls the QuadmaticTM transmission, and the rider may select 2WD or 4WD via a handlebar-mounted lever.• Rugged bodywork and full racks front and rear help tackle any task.• The KingQuad 400 ASi comes in attractive Terra Green or Flame Red bodywork.• The KingQuad 400 ASi rides on strong steel wheels with a durable, powder-coated matte black finish.• Ready for outdoor action, the KingQuad 400 ASi SE Camo is decked out with True Timber® Kanati pattern camouflaged bodywork with high traction tires on lightweight, cast aluminum wheels that have a special blacked-out finish.• The QuadmaticTM transmission is a fully automatic CVT (continuously variable transmission) with selectable high/low sub-transmission with reverse for maximum traction and fuel efficiency.• Automotive gate-type gearshift lever lets you conveniently choose high- or low-range, neutral, or reverse.• Select 2WD and 4WD with the flip of a handlebar-mounted lever. The shaft drive system is reliable and durable and nearly maintenance-free.• Torque-sensing limited-slip front differential provides maximum traction and light steering when in 4WD mode.• An advanced engine-braking system minimizes free-wheeling with the throttle off to help control the ATV during steep descents.• The ECU has a Reverse Mode that monitors vehicle speed, so higher engine rpm may be used when getting out of mud or loose soil in reverse mode.

The 2024 Suzuki KingQuad 400FSi sport utility ATV features a robust five-speed manual-shift transmission and semi-automatic clutch for those who favor sportier performance in their mid-size ATV. The 400 FSi cranks out impressive torque and has a wide powerband for exceptional performance on the trail or on the job.

A high-performance iridium spark plug and a refined Pulsed-secondary AIR-injection (PAIR) system help the 400 FSi provide outstanding fuel efficiency, clean emissions, and great performance whether climbing a steep trail or helping get the work done on the range.

• Five-speed transmission with semi-automatic clutch with reverse allows the rider to select the ideal gear for maximum traction and fuel efficiency.• Select 2WD or 4WD with the flip of a handlebar-mounted lever. The shaft drive system is reliable and durable and is nearly maintenance-free.• Torque-sensing limited-slip front differential provides maximum traction and light steering when in 4WD mode.• High/low selectable sub-transmission provides wide-ranging versatility.• Automotive gate-type gearshift lever lets a rider conveniently choose high or low range, neutral, or reverse.• ECU has a Reverse Mode that monitors vehicle speed.• Large fuel tank and a plush seat deliver comfort and an extended riding range.• Independent front A-arm suspension offers smooth performance and significant ground clearance with 6.7 inches (170.1 mm) of wheel travel.• A swingarm rear suspension with 6.7 inches (170.1 mm) of wheel travel and twin shock absorbers provides agile handling and plush riding on rougher terrain.• Dual front hydraulic disc brakes feature calipers with large, 34mm pistons and wide brake-pad surface area for increased stopping power and outstanding durability.• Lightweight and strong plastic skid plates are sturdy to help withstand trail pounding, yet slippery to let obstacles slide beneath.• Suzuki’s exclusive T-shaped seat delivers rider mobility during sport riding or tackling difficult terrain. It’s also plush for extended riding comfort.• Overall length is under 82 inches (208 cm), so the KingQuad 400 fits into a 6.5-foot truck bed for easy transportation.• Dual 35-watt headlights (with high- and low-beam settings) are part of the distinctive KingQuad grille appearance. A bright taillight helps make the ATV visible in dark conditions.• Heavy-duty front and rear cargo racks let you take advantage of the ATV’s superb load capabilities. The wrinkle paint finish on the racks and front bumper is durable and scratch-resistant.• LCD instrumentation includes a speedometer, odometer, trip meter, hour meter, clock, fuel gauge, and indicators for reverse, neutral, oil, and FI (fuel injection).• The KingQuad 400 FSi is available in attractive Terra Green or Flame Red bodywork, and rides on strong steel wheels with a durable, powder-coated matte black finish• A DC power outlet is included on the front fender.• Winch-ready mounts and wire conduit make winch installation simple.• Large, 4.2-gallon (16.0 L) fuel tank provides outstanding riding range.• Full floorboards with integrated raised footpegs help provide protection.• Suzuki’s 12-month limited warranty is double the length of other ATV warranties. Suzuki Extended Protection (SEP) offers longer coverage and other benefits.• A variety of Genuine Suzuki Accessories are available to augment a rider’s KingQuad ownership experience.

QuadSport Z90 – The 2024 Suzuki QuadSport Z90 is the ideal ATV for adult-supervised riders aged 12 and older to help them develop their off-road riding skills. Convenient features like an automatic transmission and electric starter help make the QuadSport Z90 easy to operate while those skills are being formed and refined on each ride.

An easy-to-set throttle limiter lets adults set the power level appropriately, and a keyed ignition switch makes sure there are no unauthorized journeys. By getting young riders started on the QuadSport Z90, the whole family may experience the fun of the outdoors and make some incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

• Compact, 90cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine designed for durability and low maintenance.• Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) cylinder, derived from Suzuki’s high-performance GSX-R sportbikes, provides durability, weight reduction, and superior heat dissipation.• A smooth-running, multi-plate cam chain lets the engine operate quietly. Easy-access oil filter and oil strainer cap reduce service time.• The clean-burning four-stroke engine complies with federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions regulations.• The 2024 QuadSport Z90 is eligible for California Green Sticker Off-Road registration.• Spark-arrestor equipped muffler is environmentally friendly with a pleasant exhaust note.• Large 1.6-gallon (6.0-liter) fuel tank provides long riding time. A vacuum-operated fuel petcock automatically stops fuel flow when the engine’s not running.• A keyed ignition switch lets grown-ups decide when the action begins and ends.• A simple, screw-type throttle limiter allows adult supervisors to limit the maximum power delivery to suit the rider’s ability.• Speed-limiter collar in the automatic clutch limits top speed to 15 mph. The collar can be removed to increase top speed as the rider gains riding experience and skills.• Includes an easy electric starting system plus a standard backup recoil starter.• Smooth-running CVT automatic transmission provides easy operation and allows the rider to focus on riding instead of shifting.• Single A-arm front suspension with twin, independent shock absorbers and single-shock rear suspension provide long wheel travel for a smooth, comfortable ride.• The rear axle shaft has double oil seals for performance and reliability.• The headlamp style front piece is detachable to achieve the sporty look of the QuadSport Z400.• Modern styling and full floorboards blend to create a big Quad look that youth riders will admire.• Large-diameter, semi-sealed front drum brakes and single fully sealed rear drum brake provide strong braking performance.• One-piece, eight-inch wheels with tubeless tires provide a smooth comfortable ride.• Strong, high-rigidity steel frame is sturdy and compact.• The low seat height of just 25.6 inches makes it easy for the rider to get on and operate the ATV.• Suzuki T-shaped seat design helps provide smooth weight transition and a comfortable ride.• Easy to remove for service, the seat has a durable black cover that complements the ATV’s graphics package.• Competition-inspired bodywork features Champion Yellow bodywork with blue, black, and red graphics.• Suzuki’s 12-month limited warranty is double the length of most other youth ATV warranties. Suzuki Extended Protection (SEP) offers longer coverage and other benefits.

Suzuki says that, like all of their vehicles, these units can be upgraded with a variety of Suzuki Genuine Accessories designed specifically for each model to further customize to the rider’s preferences.

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