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Aug 11, 2023Aug 11, 2023

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Twiflex manufactures the world’s largest range of industrial disc brake calipers for industrial and mining applications. Founded in 1946, as an engineering research company, early products included centrifugal clutches and torsionally flexible couplings that are still manufactured today. In 1951 disc brake technology was introduced for industrial applications, and this new product range was consolidated in 1966 with the addition of industrial and marine disc brake designs based on original Dunlop patents.

Today, Twiflex’ program of continual development has established them as leading suppliers of advanced braking technology to world-wide customers, on such diverse applications as processing lines, marine propulsion, elevators and escalators, winches, wind turbine generators, as well as crane hoists and travelling motions, conveyors, mine winders and more recently grinding mills.

Twiflex cater for all combinations of brake actuation. Direct acting brakes may be specified with pneumatic, hydraulic or mechanical application. Additionally, spring applied (sometimes referred to as fail-safe) calipers are available, released by pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical or electric operation.

Braking forces for a single caliper range from 290N (65lbf) for one of the smallest lever brakes, to over 730,000N (more than 165,000lbf) provided by the latest modular holding brake design, developed especially for grinding mills.

Depending on the model selected a variety of features are offered:

Twiflex aims to provide a single source for all its customers by offering a comprehensive range of hydraulic power packs, which are cost-effective and flexible to meet a range of braking requirements. An easy PC menu-driven process allows the user to select the best system.

The ‘LC’ hydraulic power pack range offers a cost-effective solution with simple on/off and limited control suitable for the smaller calipers.

The ‘MP’ hydraulic power pack range is available with different control options, including multiple brake circuits, high flow systems (for rapid brake response), a fast approach circuit with progressive torque build-up, a hand pump, a heater or cooler, a rapid pressure dump, a one-shot brake release for a power failure condition and proportional control from the customers PLC.

Both open and closed loop control is available and Twilfex can offer an intelligent braking system especially designed for conveyor braking. Utilising a stand-alone encoder, PID loop control monitors speed and continuously adjusts brake pressure to follow a pre-selected start / stop profile.

The Twiflex intelligent braking system has the following features:

Twiflex, part of the heavy duty clutch brake division of US group, Altra Industrial Motion, is a leader in providing braking solutions to a global market. At its head office and manufacturing centre in the UK, Twiflex is able to provide a full design and development service along with both sales and support (including on-site commissioning) through a large worldwide distribution network.

Snaking its way down a 500m high mountain, Venezuela's longest conveyor smoothly carries 1600t of bauxite every hour to stockpiles or rail wagons before transporting it 50 miles north west to the Orinoco River.

Years of reliable operation in deep hoist mining have placed Twiflex as a world leader in the field of mine winder braking technology. This leadership was further reinforced when Twiflex was chosen as the brake manufacturer for two of the world's deepest and fastest man riding hoists.

When selecting brakes for mine hoists, it is important to consider factors such as the depth of the shaft, the number of levels, stopping profile, drum design and payload in order to calculate the braking torque required for each application.

A leading designer and manufacturer of mine hoists recently specified Twiflex VMS3/SPS brakes for use at Goldcorp's Eléonore gold mine in northern Canada. The mine is projected to process 7,000t throughput a day, producing 600,000oz of gold a year over the 15-year life-of-mine.

Two Twiflex spring applied hydraulically released VCS type calipers acting on a metre diameter disc are installed on the tail drive of each conveyor. They are used to bring the system to a safe and controlled stop and to act as a holding brake when the conveyors are stationary.

Twiflex has released a brochure with detailed information about its VKSD disc brake caliper offering.

Equipment used in the mining industries is subject to extreme mechanical stresses: it has to operate in challenging climatic environments, yet has to work reliably with an operational lifespan frequently measured in decades.

Massive power requirements, huge inertial loads and the ever-present risk of a blockage; all of these factors have to be managed by the clutch assembly, which has recently had a technological boost, thanks to Wichita Clutch.

A variety of standard and custom hydraulic brake packages from Twiflex are designed to meet the static holding and dynamic (emergency) stopping duty requirements of many types of applications, including elevators, ship loading gantry cranes, escalators, metal mill ladle cover hoists, amusement rides, conveyors, cold steel mills, ski lifts and more.

A major mine hoist OEM needed a custom braking solution for an emergency escape hoist positioned in a mine ventilation shaft.

Exploration and production (E&P) platforms are frequently exposed to adverse environmental conditions.

Controlling loads in the heaviest engineering applications can require brakes capable of generating torque measured in the millions of newton metres. Twiflex product manager Tony George explains how these giant brake systems are engineered.

Twiflex, a global leader in innovative braking solutions, has launched a range of compact hydraulic brake packages, which are designed to meet the challenging braking requirements experienced in a wide variety of industrial applications.

New build or retrofit solution helps equipment manufacturers and operators meet expanding safety standards.

Twiflex, part of Altra Industrial Motion, a leading global supplier of power transmission components, provided parking brakes for use on mine hoists at the Nkana site of Mopani Copper Mines in Zambia.

Working closely with a leading global marine propulsion system OEM on a next-generation ice-breaking vessel, Twiflex engineers designed and delivered a complete Turning, Locking & Braking (TLB) System that could be quickly integrated with the rest of the ship’s drivetrain.

A leading global manufacturer was looking for ways to improve the safety on its axial fans used at coal-fired power plants. The large electric motor-driven forced draft, induced draft, and primary air type fans are critical to boiler air and flue gas flows in the steam generating process.

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is comprised two equal length sections that carry 240,000 vehicles a day.

Wichita Clutch provided an AirMaKKs brake for use on a conveyor that transports crushed limestone at a cement plant in Columbia, South America.

Twiflex will be among the attendees at the forthcoming OTC 2017 in Texas, US.

SME's 2017 Annual Conference & Expo and the Colorado Mining Association's (CMA) 119th National Western Mining Conference & Exhibition will provide the knowledge, insights and information you'll need to not only survive but thrive in an era of rapid economic and market change.

At the end of 2015, it was announced that one of Germany's best respected power transmission brands would be partnering with UK manufacturer, Twiflex, to provide the German market with direct access to a wide range of heavy-duty braking systems.

In the last five years, grinding units have increased considerably in capacity, resulting in a trend toward fewer comminution machines per grinding line.

Backstop, brake and clutch specialist, Stieber GmbH, part of the Altra Industrial Motion group, is now offering the complete range of heavy duty brakes from world leading brand Twiflex.

The range of modular brake systems from Twiflex has been further expanded with the launch of the new VSD series, which incorporates several of Twiflex's newest technological improvements. Designed for use in a variety of industrial braking applications, the VSD series is simple to install, adjust and maintain.

Twiflex offers the largest range of industrial disc brake callipers in the world. Spring applied units may be retracted pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically (depending on calliper design) while most direct acting brakes have some form of positive retraction device. A key market for the company is mining, including brakes for large dragline motors.

Twiflex Ltd., a part of Altra Industrial Motion, has introduced a new disc brake for mining and conveyor applications. The VBS modular brake features large pads and IP65 protection, making it ideal for high-speed conveyor drives in mining and quarrying applications.

Twiflex has introduced a new disc brake for mining conveyor applications. The VBS modular brake features large pads and IP65 protection, making it ideal for high-speed conveyor drives.

When coal processing plants are an appreciable distance from the mine, how best to transport the coal from one to the other is a key consideration.

When Mount Milligan Mine in British Columbia, Canada, commences production in 2013, it is anticipated that it will produce 81 million pounds of copper and 194,000 ounces of gold annually - vital at a time when demand for copper in particular is at an all time high and likely to outstrip supply for years to come. Key to the production of these important resources will be a new 22MW SAG mill, with vital braking operations performed by Twiflex 30MNm modular brakes.

Twiflex modular brakes are providing up to 35 MNm of total braking torque on two 8-metre ball mills, which are part of South Africa's - and probably the world's - biggest platinum concentrator, at Anglo Platinum's Mogalakwena (previously PPRust) mine near Mokopane.

Twiflex has launched a larger, enhanced version of its highly successful VMS2-SP safety brake, aimed specifically at the demanding Mine Hoist market.

Twiflex Limited's new technologically advanced VCS MK 4 caliper brakes have been engineered to provide a 50% increase in pad area, providing improved stopping and holding in a wide range of critical applications, including mine hoists, conveyor drives, cranes, ship loaders, wind turbines, and drill rigs in industries including mining, steel, pulp and paper, and marine.

Considered the first of it's kind, Twiflex has developed a modular safety brake system for the latest generation "gearless" SAG and Ball Mills of up to 20MW capacity. Known as the VMS-DP, the brake, which is spring applied and hydraulically released, can achieve a tangential bre

Bigger, better, faster, stronger! Twiflex are pleased to announce the arrival of VMS3-SP, an improvement on the already excellent, VMS2-SP. The new brake is (as before) a spring applied, hydraulic released safety brake aimed specifically at the Mine Hoist market.

Twiflex is very pleased to announce the appointment of Rathi Turboflex Pvt Ltd as distributor for Twiflex products in India. Rathi Turboflex replace Greaves Cotton Ltd as distributor for India. Rathi Turboflex is a division of the Rathi Group which employ 440 staff in

Disc brakes were first introduced into the industrial applications environment after being pioneered in production passenger vehicles during the late 50s and early 60s. When used for vehicle manufacture, disc brakes were seen as a major improvement in safety and performance over

Considered the first of its kind, Twiflex has developed a modular safety brake system for the latest generation "gearless" SAG and Ball Mills of up to 20MW capacity. Known as the VMS-DP, the brake, which is spring applied and hydraulically released, can achieve a tangential breaking force of