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Jun 04, 2024Jun 04, 2024

Personal mobility devices are all the rage these days, but among all of them, the electric bicycle or e-bike is the most satisfying option. It adds motorized assistance and smart features to the equation without removing the enjoyment of using your body’s power to move forward. E-bikes combine the best of both worlds, allowing people to travel farther, faster, easier, and safer, while still offering the unique thrills that only foot-powered bikes can bring. Their popularity has resulted in a dizzying number of options in the market, but this new urban e-bike rises above the rest with its combination of advanced features, sleek design, and a price tag to die for, taking your rides to the next level and beyond.

Designer: ADO Design

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There are a number of criteria that an e-bike needs to meet the challenge of daily commutes, and the new ADO Air 28 manages to check all the right boxes and then some. Performance is definitely not an issue thanks to its 250W/350W (depending on the model) brushless hub motor that delivers the boost you need without making its presence heard. The Samsung Battery disguised as a seat post delivers an astounding range of up to 100 km in a discreet and stylish design that makes it trivial to remove and charge as needed.

Smart Torque Sensor – Conquer steeper slopes with ease, maintaining effortless control throughout.

Care-free Carbon Belt – “Unchain” your ride with the maintenance-free carbon belt that can last up to 30,000 KM.

Long-Range Samsung Battery – Provides up to an impressive 100km range.

Convenience and comfort don’t take a backseat either. A smart torque sensor detects your pedaling with precision to determine how much boosting power you need, ensuring a smooth and effortless ride even on steeper slopes. A care-free carbon belt throws away the biggest and dirtiest problem of traditional bikes, promising noise-free, maintenance-free, and rust-free riding for up to 30,000 km. An adjustable lockout suspension fork puts you in control of different terrains, and puncture-resistant tires bring peace of mind when navigating roads of all kinds.

All-Weather Power and Comfort – Hydraulic disc brakes deliver powerful stopping power in all weather conditions.

Double Anti-theft System – Keep your battery secure with their unique lock design, while the street wise bell hides an AirTag/SmartTag, adding extra security against bike theft.

Of course, rider safety is also a priority, and the ADO Air 28 e-bike proves its smart design here once again. Hydraulic disc brakes deliver the stopping power you need, no matter the kind of weather you’re riding in. An E-Mark headlamp lights up your path with its bright, wide-angle LED, and its IPX5 rating makes sure it keeps working when it rains. At the same time, a waterproof taillight keeps you safe from behind, rain or shine. The ADO Air 28 can also keep itself safe, thanks to a unique lock design for the battery and the ability to hide an AirTag or Smart Tag inside the street-wise bell. All of these come together in a lightweight and elegant aluminum frame that’s sure to grab the attention and envy of anyone you pass by.

Comfortable Ride, Easy Control – Access real-time data and ensure safety during high-speed rides through our 3.5-inch waterproof display.

But wait, there’s more! This already advanced e-bike also carries its own 3.5-inch waterproof display that can access real-time data to ensure rider safety. It can even adjust the headlamp brightness depending on the environment. Combined with an intelligent mobile app that gives quick access to navigation and customer support, the ADO Smart System makes every ride a breeze. Don’t suffer through grueling traffic and exhausting cycling when you can get the ADO Air 28 e-bike and turn every commute and every ride into a joyful memory.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1,417 $2,405 (41% off). Hurry, only 21/50 left! Raised over $110,000.

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Click Here to Buy Now: $1,417Click Here to Buy Now: $1,417