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Tenways CGO600 Pro Review: Is This the Ultimate Fixed

May 11, 2024May 11, 2024

With a carbon belt drive and supreme comfort, the Tenways CGO600 Pro is an excellent choice for your city commute.

The $1899 Tenways CGO600 Pro is a fixed-gear ebike designed for use in and around cities and towns. With a wide range of features, it's an excellent choice when shopping for your new set of wheels.

So, want to know why the Tenways CGO600 Pro should be your city ride of choice? Then read on...

With impressive range, powerful pedal assist, and a carbon drive belt, the Tenways CGO600 Pro is the fixed-gear commuter bike to rule them all. At $1899, it represents a fantastic investment and one that will give you enjoyable rides for years to come. The design is high quality, as are the construction materials, and Tenways' craftsmanship shines with this lovely ebike.

You probably think you don't need to know what's in the box when it comes to a bike, but an ebike comes with a few extra bits and bobs:

And that is everything! On to appearance, then.

The CGO600 Pro is a really nice-looking bike. The design is sleek and faultless; it looks the part as a bike you will be proud to ride around. Some ebikes can look clunky in the frame, or the battery is a massive, apparent monstrosity. Not with Tenways' latest effort; this is a gorgeous bike!

Our test ride is the matte black variant, with high-luster black and green accenting for the Tenways logo on the top tube. This is the only obvious branding on the bike, which keeps it nice and subtle. There are no weird motivational poster phrases on this one (as with the ADO bike we reviewed). The only other logo can be found on the front mudguard, in a small white font.

Aside from looking like most bicycles (meaning I shouldn't really need to describe it in too much detail), the handlebars feature a main interface (or ride computer) on the left-hand side. This has a power button, a function button, and two control buttons. More on the ride computer later.

The battery is housed in the down tube, and you remove it with one of the included keys. The charging port on the battery is beneath a rubber plug, so you can rest assured it won't get wet if a sudden downpour surprises you. The electronic components are all IP65 rated, meaning should you get caught in the rain, you won't need to worry too much (but dry the bike off when you get to your destination, anyway).

The bike doesn't have a chain. Instead, it has a Gates CDX carbon drive belt, which is significantly longer lasting compared to a traditional drive chain. This is a feature that I absolutely love about the CGO600 Pro, and I doff my cap to Tenways for adopting this design. Rust and grease-free, this is easy to maintain and will give you 30,000 km before it needs any servicing.

It has 40mm road tyres, which is ideal for commutes and road riding over longer distances. It is not suitable for off-road, though, so don't even think about it. It could likely handle a fine gravel path through woodland, but don't be slamming the trails on this thing, basically. The rear wheel houses the 250W motor. Both wheels have TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes.

Lastly, the constructed bike weighs between 16-18kg (it varies depending on the size of frame you select). So, it is nice and light, making it easy to lift up steps and so on.

Assembly is pretty straightforward with the CGO600 Pro. While you are putting it together, take this opportunity to charge the battery using the included charging brick. Tenways installed it in the down tube, so use the keys to remove it and plug it in to get some juice while you construct the bike.

First, attach the front mudguard if you want it in place. I opted to use it as the UK is quite rainy and you can get dirty and wet easily from road surface water.

You'll then need to attach the front wheel (ensuring the disc for the disc brake is in the correct position), and lock it into place using the quick-release lock.

You'll also need to attach the handlebar using the hex keys you get with the construction tools. You might require a little trial and error here as the handlebars are horizontally adjustable towards and away from the seat, allowing optimal positioning to ensure comfort during your ride.

The peddles must also be attached to the cranks, or you won't be going anywhere! Finally, you need to fit the rear light (Tenways has integrated the front light into the frame).

Once the battery has reached full charge, you're ready to ride... almost.

As with all eBikes, the CGO600 Pro has a small ride computer on the handlebars. This has multiple purposes: control of the bike, recording ride data, displaying bike status data, and it also houses the Bluetooth transmitter/receiver for app connectivity.

The interface has a main screen, with four buttons as described earlier. Switching it on, you will first need to enter the default password, which you can change once in the settings menu.

The main display will show you the following:

So a fair amount of important info, there. You can switch through various function screens as well. These show:

Now you have had a tour around the display, you should probably set the app up.

We would normally discuss a device's associated app later in a review, but it makes sense to do it now as you need to connect the bike to your smartphone to log ride data and show your route map, etc. It is a simple process.

Create an account, and then you can register your bike. There is a small QR code on the underside of the down tube; the app will prompt you to scan this and then it will register the bike in the app. Simple!

With the app up and running, you can now track your rides, plus find out how many calories you burnt while you were out and about. The less pedal assist you use, the more calories you will burn. Especially on a fixie! You can also see maps of your previous rides and your ride history. You can access customer support via a chat module, too.

Other than that, the app allows you to see all of the same information you can find on the ride computer's various function screens.

With the bike assembled, and the app registered, you're ready for the best part: riding your new bike! And what a ride it is.

So, what do we think of the CGO600 Pro? Personally, I think it is one of the best road bikes I have ever ridden. I have had several bikes over the past decade, mainly road bikes (or hybrids), and the Tenways eBike leaves my former bikes in the dust.

It is suspension-free (which is why you're not hitting those trails I mentioned earlier on it), yet the ride is very smooth. Even on roads in poor condition, I wasn't overly aware of any lumps and bumps that cropped up. The seat is also very comfortable which, out of the box, is sometimes hit-and-miss with other bikes I have owned.

The pedal assist is excellent and, used correctly, will take the pain out of tackling inclines if your legs get too tired. This is what you buy a city ebike for; it shouldn't be a strenuous journey to get to work and back or head to the grocery store for some last-minute food shopping.

I found that using the pedal assist really helped during my rides down the banks of the River Mersey in Liverpool, UK, where I live. It can get very windy here with gusts whipping in off the Irish Sea, but the CGO600 Pro made light work of this, even in strong headwinds. I also live near a fairly steep incline, and the pedal assist makes light work of this.

In all, I am pleased with the pedal assist, and with a top speed of 25 km/h (16 mph), the bike doesn't make you feel like you're going too fast. Of course, you can go faster than the top pedal assist speed, but you'll need to use your leg muscles for that! Even then, the ride feels buttery, thanks to the smooth action of the carbon drive belt.

Braking is responsive, which is always a good thing. I could slow to a stop from full speed fluidly but quickly, a necessity when there are inconsiderate car drivers on the roads. The braking doesn't feel jerky, and I feel no lurch when I have to brake suddenly, so you don't feel like you are about to be thrown over the handlebars.

Because the ride computer is within thumb distance of your left hand, you can quickly shift between pedal assist levels, or turn the lights on. This is important as using the pedal assist properly means you can conserve battery level, squeezing more distance out of it.

The battery is long-lasting, with an advertised capacity of 100km (62 miles). I find this to be true to word, although I admit I often overuse the top pedal assist level when I am riding the Pro, meaning the battery won't last as long as it would were I using the pedal assist properly. What can I say? I enjoy going as fast as possible with minimal effort!

I thoroughly enjoyed testing the CGO600 Pro from Tenways, and I think anyone who puts themselves in the riding seat will feel the same; it is an excellent ride.

Are you looking for a fantastic commuter ride? Then the Tenways CGO600 is it. It is perfectly crafted, aesthetically pleasing, and offers a brilliant ride that feels smooth and safe. What more could you ask for?

I highly commend Tenways on crafting a fantastic riding experience with the CGO600 Pro. As a bike suitable for all levels of rider, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending it to anyone looking for their next city ebike.

Is this the ultimate fixed gear city eBike? You'd be hard-pressed to find an equal in this price bracket.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm off for a ride!

Ste Knight has a degree in English and Media from Edge Hil University, UK. Having worked as a writer for three years, Ste finally decided to concentrate his efforts in a sector for which he has lots of passion; technology. Ste joined MUO in 2019 as a writer, before becoming Gaming Editor, and since then has moved from the editorial side of MUO into Partnerships at Valnet Inc, where he is currently Partnerships Manager for tech and gaming. When Ste isn't sitting in front of his computer, you can find him sat in front of a games console, reading graphic novels, or mixing repetitive beats. Ste is also the primary food provider for four felines.

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