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Lectric eBikes Upgrades XP 3.0 with Hydraulic Brakes

Apr 13, 2024Apr 13, 2024

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01 Aug, 2023, 15:22 ET

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The upgrade makes industry history as the only sub-$1,000 eBike with hydraulic brakes

PHOENIX, Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Lectric eBikes, the industry leading eBike brand and maker of the country's best-selling eBike model and third best-selling electric vehicle, today announced the upgrade of its XP 3.0 eBike to include hydraulic brakes, making it the only eBike with hydraulic brakes that retails for less than $1,000. All new XP 3.0s purchased on will include hydraulic brakes.

"We are continuously looking for new ways to better serve our customers, whether that's with product innovations or exceptional customer service," said Levi Conlow, co-founder and CEO of Lectric. "We've been working on this hydraulic brake upgrade for months and are stoked to introduce the only sub-$1,000 eBike with hydraulic brakes to the market."

Lectric eBikes introduced hydraulic brakes on its XPremium eBike in 2022, and is now expanding the same technology to the XP 3.0. Hydraulic brakes use less friction in the stopping process since the brakes do not need a cable to function, resulting in a more stopping power when compared to mechanical disc brakes. Hydraulic brakes also apply an equal amount of pressure to both the inner and outer brake pad, providing elevated control.

"With the added advantages of hydraulic brakes, like increased stopping power, more responsive braking and less maintenance, we believe the XP model will remain the best pound-for-pound eBike in the industry," said Robby Deziel, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Lectric.

Lectric's product development team has also been working on a hydraulic brake upgrade kit for existing XP 3.0 for several months, which includes a front and rear hydraulic brake system that can be installed at home or by a local eBike retail or repair shop. The brand previously offered hydraulic kits to owners and now has the kit available for purchase online.

Lectric eBikes was founded on the idea of changing the way people move. Co-founders and childhood friends Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel shared a passion for biking and recognized the need for high quality, affordable eBikes. By prioritizing quality, power and comfort while maintaining affordability, Lectric has more than 300,000 electric commuters on the road nationwide with America's best-selling e-bike model.

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About Lectric eBikes Lectric eBikes is one of the fastest growing electric bike companies in the nation, selling nearly 300,000 e-bikes in less than four years. The company is known for its dedication to producing quality products at affordable prices. Its flagship XP™ models are exceptionally designed so that everyone can ride, delivering all the high-quality features of an elite e-bike, offered at an industry-shattering low price.

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