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Jul 06, 2023Jul 06, 2023

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Johnson Industries develops and manufactures a wide range of products, including brake systems and hydraulic, pneumatic, spring set and manually applied caliper brakes for applications on hoists, conveyors, propulsion systems and other rotating equipment.

We also produce electromagnetic and electro-hydraulic thruster drum and disc brakes, which are in service around the world on cranes, hoists, power transmission equipment and other material handling applications.

Johnson Industries designs storm brakes and systems, including automatic and manual rail clamps and brakes, as well as wheel clamps for cranes, stacker-reclaimers, trippers and other rail-mounted equipment.

Johnson Industries’ braking portfolio for the mining industry comprises conveyor systems, grinding mills, stackers / reclaimers, mine hoists, and various other types of rotating drive equipment that require brake systems.

Our larger brake systems can offer clamping forces of up to one million pounds (4,448kN) and smaller sized brakes have clamping forces from 2,900lb (12.8kN).

The braking systems can range from simple on/off emergency braking units to the more complex programmable logic control (PLC) systems, which have several modes of braking response due to the feedback of changing conditions.

Johnson Industries has been providing conveyor brakes for more than 40 years. Our portfolio includes brake systems for small transfer conveyors to large downhill conveyors in the Andes.

We manufacture simple on / off brake systems but specialise in larger downhill proportional controlled conveyor brakes. We can supply full PLC solutions with power monitoring and changeable on-the-fly deceleration functions for various loading conditions.

Our systems can also work with the conveyor supplier to integrate the brakes logic into the main conveyor PLC controls.

Johnson Industries’ grinding mill brakes are designed to operate in a harsh and dusty grinding environment with minimal maintenance. We are constantly enhancing and upgrading to enhance reliability, reduce maintenance, and simplify service and adjustments.

We aim to eliminate all mill downtime caused by braking systems.

The features of our grinding mill brakes include spring force compensation with a toggle link mechanism, reduced operating pressure, fewer actuators per mill, high flow, non-bypass filters and lever pins.

Johnson Industries’ TL Series toggle lever caliper brakes feature a stackable design that allows up to four calipers to be mounted in a common frame and spring force compensation by a toggle mechanism, resulting in constant braking torque.

The TL series brake is particularly well-suited to accommodate very high braking torque requirements in the harshest environments.

Our caliper levers incorporate a unique toggle mechanism to compensate for spring force to ensure constant braking torque.

The system is powered by a hydraulic power unit incorporating a manifold fitted with two D10 valves to accommodate the brake set, creeping and inching modes.

TL brakes are ideally suited for equipment such as semi-autogenous grinding (SAG) mills and rock crushers, as well as conveyors requiring high torque braking.